Hayden Builds Strong YouTube Following

Warraguls Hayden Pedersen has more than 100,000 people following his YouTube videos.

On the 12th of August Warragul vlogger Hayden Pedersen had just travelled back from California as he watched his YouTube channel tick over to 100,000 subscribers, too jetlagged to record his reaction.

“It was such an amazing feeling. But that feeling went away really quickly because I’ve hit 100k. The next goal is 1million.”

Uploading his first video in January 2017, Hayden Pedersen has achieved this milestone in under 2 years. “I try not to measure my journey in milestones. It’s not as important to me as creating content that I love,” he said. His videos have been formulated to combine his love for storytelling with specialised knowledge of photography and film making.

“In Gippsland we’re so used to seeing the hills and stuff, it’s nothing special. But to people all around the world, a lot of people think this place is amazing.”

With only %3 of his audience being from Australia, Hayden wants to put Warragul and Melbourne on the map. “There is literally no one to collaborate with,” he said. Travelling between California and Warragul frequently, Hayden admits vlogging is a lot more accepted in America.

“I’m this small-town kid from Warragul. I just want to make sure my content gets out there so much that people from Warragul can be like ‘this kid has actually gone out of Warragul to do something completely different.’”

With over 7 million total views on his videos so far, Hayden Pedersen says he wants to be one of the most viewed vloggers on YouTube.

“The more people I inspire and the more people that I influence positively, that’s success for me.”

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